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Wine growing and wine have been the purpose of life of the Giovanett family for 3 generations. The Castelfeder Winery was founded in 1969 by Alfons Giovanett. In 1989 his son Günther took over the management of the winery. The effort of Günther and his wife Alessandra is confirmed by the decision of their two children Ines and Ivan who both changed their passion into work. Since 2011 the family is also dedicated to the Mosel region of Germany, cultivating the steep slope Riesling vineyard Sorentberg. Good wines trace their origins back to excellent grapes and a rich soil. That is why the enthusiasm begins in the vineyard with sustainable cultivation, strict limitations of the yielding and 100% hand-work. It continues through the harvest and gentle handling of the grapes in the cellar up to the vinification of the wines and finally to their worldwide sales.




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