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The Čotar family farm, which includes vineyards, a cellar and a house, is situated in the west part of the Karst in Gorjansko, only five kilometres from the sea. More than three decades ago, they produced their first Teran and white Karst wine for their own inn. The first wines were bottled in 1990. They are an organic farm, which cultivates their vineyards in an as nature-friendly manner as possible, while the same is true of their cellaring, which is completely natural.  The wines are distributed in two lines: the red and the white Dražna are two sorts, marked by a stone rose, while Čotar wines, which are marked by Vasja's fingerprint of a thumb (white) or his father Branko's fingerprint of a thumb (red) are matured longer and are completely original, unlike anything else.


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