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The Kabaj Morel Homestead lies in the village of Šlovrenc and is surrounded by vineyards. The Kabaj family cultivates 12 hectares of vineyards, where 55 thousand vines are planted in two geographical locations in Brda (Šlovrenc and Belo). The cellar has three parts: the classic part with large oak barrels and steel vessels for the vinification and typification of wine, the vaulted cellar with a water spring and constant temperature and moisture for French barriques, and a less ordinary cellar, where nine 3,500-litre vessels (so-called ‘kvevri’), made of Georgian clay and produced in the Georgian village of Imereti, are buried into the soil. All wines are matured in small French barrels for at least one year and then for several months in bottles. In addition to wine, the amphora represents the most thorough and effective image of the Kabaj Homestead. Their perspective on wine and respectful relationship towards production, in consideration of historical and natural features, is represented by Rebula.


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