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My love for the sea and my passion for flying, which fill me with a sense of infinite freedom, are the inspiration behind the pleasure in every sip of the elixir that I crafted and named after the Lim Bay – a magical place in the Croatian Istria where the idea about it first sprang to my mind.
My friends and I brought an oak barrel to our summer hang-out spot that is actually an oyster farm. Following a mishap as we were honouring the ways of Bacchus, the barrel fell into the water and remained there for a while. The rest is a part of the legend. When, after quite some time, we recovered the barrel from the sea, we filled it with gin. The barrel imparted a different flavour, fragrance and colour, as well as some mysterious power that has been attributed to oysters.
The sea and the people living with it are an important part of the story. Oysters, oak barrels, rock samphire, rosemary, Slovenian linden tree, junipers, Vila spring water from beneath the Kamnik mountains, an endless flavour bouquet of local cuisine and ancient herbs that are omnipresent in this region, Slovenian stubbornness, and a pinch of luck were the main ingredients.
This is the whole truth about the genesis of the Lim Bay gin. Details of the recipe that excites the palate and loosens the body and soul, however, shall remain my salty-sweet secret.
Today, the world is spinning faster. We have teamed up with select ingredient growers and the best distillers, which was the key to preserving the Lim Bay's initial flavour.
We make and fill up to 6,000 bottles per year. Just like we carefully choose the ingredients we use for the potion, we also dedicate great care to appearance. After all, Lim Bay gin is first and foremost about pleasure.
I am proud you will indulge in it, too.




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