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On a rocky cape by Savudrija, overgrown with maquis, parts of which had never before been cultivated, we found a space on which our ideas merged into one in the following years. In addition to its exceptional position, we were persuaded by peculiarity of the area where the civinity of the sea creates a special microclimate, dry and windy, which drastically decreases the amount of percipitation, which is beneficial for healthy growth of both the vines and olive trees.
We entered the market in 2016 with the Monterosso Malvazija 2015 wine and the several-times-rewarded Monte Rosso extra virgin olive oil. In May 2017, we offered to the market our Monterosso Nero 2015 made from the grapes of the montepulcioano vine, while in the autumn of the same year our cellars produced the first bottles of the Monterosso Classico sparkling wine.




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