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In 1894, today's wine cellar Vipava 1894, d. o. o., came to existence. The chronicle of the cellar is diverse and inseparably connected with the turbulent history of the Vipava Valley. In the summer of 2017, Hannes Sabathi took over the cellar and its destiny. He comes from Austrian Styria and has a strong Austrian-Slovenian team of co-workers by his side. Since then a new chapter of the exciting wine story has been written. Vipava 1894, d. o. o., brings together approximately 350 winegrowers who are Hannes Sabathi's most important partners in his efforts. Through the generations, their ancestors carefully tended and took care of this unique cultural landscape. The new Lanthieri line of wines is equipped with bilingual labels – Slovenian and German, which reflects the noble collaboration between the Austrian winemaker and the Vipava winegrowers.


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