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Bellavista was set up in Franciacorta in 1977 by businessman Vittorio Moretti, who decided to convert his small family-run wine-making business into a large-scale enterprise.
The early vineyards, of exceptional quality, still carpet the Bellavista hill, dubbed thus due to its magnificent position with views stretching from the Po plain to Lake Iseo and to the Alps beyond.
Vittorio Moretti was farsighted enough to purchase several new vineyards, making up Bellavista’s current 190 hectares, all within the boundaries of Franciacorta.
Wine is often depicted and described as an asset, an emotion, a benchmark, like an adventure of the soul, in which experience becomes achievement.
In line with this way of thinking, Bellavista repeats the magical great harvest each year, in the knowledge that each row of vines has the potential to produce a great vintage.
The fruit of the earth is treated with respect and understanding. Nature must be interpreted and understood, not forced.
Harvesting, pressing, tank fermentation, bottling and corking, remuage and dégorgement are all carried out by hand.
Bellavista vintages are a tribute to great traditional wines, a harmonious blend of excellence that starts with the vine and ends with a perfect taste.
Founded in 1977, the Bellavista winery now has 190 hectares of vines, covering about a tenth of Franciacorta vineyards, and produces an average of 1,150,000 bottles a year, with a top production capacity of 1,500,000.




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