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Originating from Barcelonnette (Hautes-Provence) and part of the Provencal nobility since 1421, the Gassier family bought Château Gassier and its 40 hectares of vines in 1982. Today the vineyard is managed by Georges Gassier, who represents the fifth winegrowing generation of the family, working with the support from his father.
It is only over time that passion, hard work and know how combined, have helped Château Gassier to develop its exceptional potential for excellence.
The 40 hectares of Château Gassier benefit from an ideal location in the heart of the Arc Valley, protected by the Sainte-Victoire mountain in the north, the Regagnas hills in the south and the Aureliens mounts at the East.
Acknowledged as an appellation in its own right in 2005, the vineyard area of Sainte-Victoire is viewed as one of the most unspoiled in France. It has been classified as a natural reserve "Grand Site de France".
In constant search of quality, the Château Gassier team concentrates it knowhow in the vinification of the rosés from the Côtes de Provence (Cuvée Loubiero) and Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire (Cuvée Le Pas du Moine and 946).
Château Gassier is proud to present you the three rosé wines elaborated on the estate which carefully reflect the best of the Sainte-Victoire terroir. You can start with cuvée Loubiéro, as an apetizer, continue with le Pas du Moine for the meal and keep 946 for exclusive moments. Produced in very small quantity and only the best years, it is the finest of the estate.
Througout the whole range you will inevetably find the Château Gassier signature: round and elegant wines, easy to drink.




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