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The Benedictines from Admont (Austria) had established a sizeable, predominantely wine estate (38 hectares) streching on the Pesnica hills back in 1815. They kept it in their possesion and grew wines until 1938, when my grandfather Ivan Dopler bought the estate. He, himself came from a winegrowing family and winemaking represented not only a means of livelihood, but also an indescribable satisfation, even fulfillment of his life's dream.
Grandfather Ivan had enjoyed 89 abounding harvests and then generously passed his knowleadge and the love for winegrowing to my mother Veronika Krsnik, who took over the entire estate in 2002.
I have inherited their love and enthusiasm for winegrowing, it is engrained in every single moment and task connected to it; from planting the vines to tasting its intoxicating aroma and its luster when poured into the glass,...
Winegrowing is not only my work, it is my life. This is why I took over the responsibility to further develop the estate Dopler. I am immensly enjoying the new winegrowing challenges, especially as I have the selfless help and support of my entire family. We are currently growing vines at our estate of 9 hectares, and would be happy to bring our excellent wines to your homes.




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