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"The wine story is designed, unravelled and ennobled by the grapevine itself." That is how the description of the story about Edi Simčič's wine house begins. Even though the house has a young tradition of bottling wines, their experience and their love for the grapevine shaped through generations of the Simčič lineage, whose members always knew how to listen to nature. Since their early beginnings in 1989 with two thousand bottles, their production today amounts to 65 thousand bottles of wine produced on 12.5 hectares of land that cross the borders of their homeland and have fans on all of the five continents of the world. They offer a wide selection of bottled wines divided into three lines, i.e. the basic line, which is the entry point to the world of wines, the premium line LEX as a display of structure, power and elegance, and the Single Vineyards line. Among their specialties are also two sweet wines made from dried grapes – the white Edi's Selection and the red Bosa Rosa.




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