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These wines are produced in the surroundings of the Kojsko village, where Brda join the pre-alpine world. The vineyards lie on steep and high-lying hillsides, which are mostly oriented towards the south and the east. The altitude of the vineyards, the distinct temperature differences between day and night, as well as the special position of the vineyards all contribute to the production of harmonious wines, typical for varieties that are pleasantly fresh in their flavour. The first and the most important variety in Ferdinand's winery is Rebula, which is given a lot of attention and which is presented in all their lines of wines. Today, this is the variety that has great potential due to its specific aromatics, lively freshness and numerous possibilities of interpretation. With it, Brda can become even more recognisable around the world. That is why Ferdinand's winery is the initiator and organiser of the project "Rebolium – Rebula through Time", which is studying this variety of Rebula and promoting its development.




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