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West of the city of Gorizia, there is a group of hills known as Collio. The Isonzo river flows through this hilly stretch to the southeast, the Iudrio creek to the northwest, while to the south, it merges into the Friulian plain. Appreciated not only for its wines, but also for fruit and olive oil, Collio was once a backdrop for skirmishes during the Great War. Around the world, its name is synonymous with high-quality white wines. Gradis’ciutta is not only tied to history and geography, but behind the name which stems from a rural hamlet close to San Floriano del Collio, lies an enduring tradition that dates back to the Austro-Hungarian invasions. Before carrying the name Gradis’ciutta, this place was known as Monsvini, which in Latin means “Mount of Wine.” As a historical notary deed proves, already in 1780, the Princics were producing wine in Kosana. The brand’s name and historical place are known to bear excellent vines. The soul behind the constantly evolving reality of Gradis’ciutta is Robert Princic...always supported by his hard-working parents, Isidoro and Ivanka. Today, thanks to the work of the entire family, 25 hectares (62 acres) of the total 35 hectares (87 acres) located in Gorizia, Capriva del Friuli, and Dolegna del Collio have been planted to vines.


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