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The Dolenjska wine-growing district is the home of the Wine cellar Krsko, which has been thrilling us with its quality and high quality wines ever since 1928. We build on tradition, many years of experience, understanding the characteristics of Dolenjska, and modern technology, all of which ensure that the Cellar is today a noticeable provider of high quality wines and the leading manufacturer of the best cvicek ptp. On our own wine-growing estates at Sremic we grow high quality wines: Blaufränkisch, Silvaner, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, and Italian Riesling.
Wines from the Wine cellar Krsko are produced according to the highest quality standards. Cvicek, white and red wines, sparkling wines, and predicates mature in the castle cellar. Our cvicek carries the label ptp, recognised traditional denomination, while all other wines are labelled protected designation of origin. Let yourself indulge in extraordinary tastes.


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