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In our house, vintage starts at the time of technological ripeness. Before vintage, the acid regime and the pH value of grape juice are monitored. Simultaneously, the sugar content growth is measured. Grapes are also organoleptically tested in order to determine their ripeness and harmony of tastes.
When grapes reach adequate ripeness, harvest begins. Picking takes place in the morning, when the temperature is low and grapes are cool, and is done by hand, mostly using small boxes as containers. Grapes go to cellar cool, undamaged and healthy, with any trace of putrefaction having already been removed during picking.
Grapes are processed as soon as possible – coldly and hygienically. Berries are gently pressed in a pneumatic press (under pressure of up to 1.5 bars). Fermentation takes place in our cellar, mostly using indigenous yeasts, partly also selected yeast cells – under controlled temperature conditions and under our watchful eyes.
Wines from our cellar are our vineyard story continued. The “Better less and better” principle applies to them as well. This is especially reflected in the extract, whose content is high for our wine-growing region. Owing to gentle, consistent and quick grape processing, our wines are very fresh, pleasant, fruity, rich in tastes, and above all drinkable. Due to fuller ripeness of grapes and malic-lactic acid fermentation (biological deacidification), which elapses spontaneously immediately after fermentation, it is difficult to fault our wines for a proverbial Dolenjsko hyperacidity. With exceptional attention being paid to hygiene during the entire production and processing, our wines require less sulphur and are thus healthier. Your head will remain light and bright all day after a sleepless night.




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