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The wine tradition of the Simčič Family goes all the way back to 1812. In the 1990s, Miro Simčič established today's Medot brand on the basis of family expertise and hard work. The unified vineyard of the Medot family lies directly in the heart of Goriška Brda and spreads out over three hectares. The vines, which are up to 40 years old and were grafted there from the old Medot vineyard, enjoy ideal conditions with the specific microclimate in this area allows them to thrive. On top of the hill, one the edge of the vineyard, lies a modern underground wine cellar, which was built at the turn of the millennium with the purpose of providing the best conditions for the production of top-quality sparkling wines. They have always been sure that Brdo Yellow Rebula can be a wonderful basis for top-quality sparkling wines, made according to the classic method. Their great desire and devotion, as well as wealth of experience, have all driven them to achieve the recognisable character of the top-quality Medot sparkling wines.


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