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Movia’s Aleš Kristančič is the 8th generation wine maker in his family and a pioneer in the natural wine movement. He is one of the leading wine makers in Slovenia. The Movia estate dates back to 1700, passing into the hands of the Kristančič family in 1820. The estate extends over 22 hectares of land, about half of which lie on the Italian side of the Goriška Brda (Collio). Movia has revived pre-classical vinification procedures that did not revert to sugar for re-fermentation in the bottle and left the satisfaction of degorging the wine, usually experienced only by cellar masters, to the consumer. Ancient procedures and new perspectives on wine are even more pronounced with Lunar which, like the Puro, is a wine without any added sulphites. Movia wines are produced with the highest measure of respect towards nature, no fining, no filtration. The wines are organically certified, and bio-dynamic methods are used in the wine-making, including use of native yeasts. These wines require appropriate storage.


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