wine celler




Hidden in the bora wind and exposed to the sun, the Pasji rep valley near the Orehovica village, known to lovers of wine, has good position for the thriving of the grapevine. The area of the vineyard is called Sirk and lies on a high slope of the Pasji rep valley. The valley and the name of the vineyard were already mentioned back in 1689 in Janez Vajkard Valvasor's book Slava vojvodine Kranjske and in writer and priest Matija Vertovec's 1844 book Vinoreja. The production of wine has been present at the homestead for centuries. With its sunny position that provides shelter from wind, the vineyard provides optimal conditions for the cultivation of the zelen native variety. The cellar is several centuries old, made of stone and vaulted. A stone from an arch, marked with the year 1715, has been preserved at the homestead.




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