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Poetry is a path. Sometimes it is a century, sometimes a moment, and sometimes it is hovering above time. But it is always alive and sparkling.
We are weaving verses out of the Brda soil. Soft soil, filled with secret powers, and the energy of fragrances. And one can feel it in every drop we co-produce from its breath. The great-grandparents, Mihael and Katarina, father Srecko and mother Afra, Tomaz and Andrejka, daughter Sara and son Tine. These names form an arch of a creative dialogue with a pulsing Brda soil.

Our grapes are made precious by a special soft and airy soil, called marl, which is created by the disintegration of marl stones. From above our grapes are enriched by a generous number of sun-filled days and the right measure of rain drops.
Yes, Goriška Brda is a special region.
The philosophy of the Prinčič homestead is rooted in a tradition of listening to nature and attending to every detail and changes in the nature around us.
We capture its gifts with experience and we pass them on.




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