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The Prus family home in Krmačina near Metlika radiates the serenity of a pleasant everyday living environment. Three generations under the same roof symbolize the family wine-making tradition. Although the vineyard of our late grandfather was not as big as it is today, he was still the member of the village vineyard cottage called “soseska zidanica Drašiči”.

The grapes for our wines grow on vineyard hills of Krmačina, Repica, Vidošiči, Kamenica and on other sun-filled positions in Bela krajina, where the view extends as far as the Churches of st. Anne in Vidošiči and St. Lawrence in Vivodina, which is beyond Slovenian borders.

We are constantly in search of new methods and procedures for improving our achievements. We know that the process of learning never stops and we certainly apply this to winegrowing and winemaking.


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