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The nobility and lavishness of our wine varieties can be attributed to the heritage of a thousand-year tradition of oenology and viticulture in Slovene Istria, and is the product of exquisite natural characteristics of Istrian soil, and the undulating coastal hills. We have been producing top-quality and luxurious wines since the foundation of the company in 1947.

At ten sunny wine-bearing locations, which extend over 570 hectares, we cultivate various grape varieties, which have become as characteristic as the autochthonous Refosco, the ruby-coloured jewel of a wine, and Malvasia. In the magnificent cellar, constructed from sandstone, which is typical for Istria, four million bottles of different wine sorts and varieties are produced annually. Our wines illustrate our most important values: natural production and high quality. This is why in the rich bouquet of our wines, you will taste the sea, the flysch-marl soil, and the vividness and sun of the Mediterranean Istria, and sense their luxurious structure and fruity aroma.




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