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This winery covers the entire region to the east of Slovenske Konjice and is set amidst beautiful countryside. Still being relatively new, everything is modern and state-of-the-art. The grapes are used to cultivate vintage wines, and although this winery itself is new, the tradition for producing wine here dates back eight hundred years. The winery is known for its high-quality red, white and sparkling wines - you can try these in the huge tasting room. The wine cellar and visitor centre are located at the lower end of the vineyards in a large modern building that is mostly underground.

There’s also a restaurant within an old vineyard cottage, in the middle of vineyards. And if you like golf there’s a challenging 9-hole golf course surrounding the vineyards. If you fall in love with the scenery as well as the wine, you can stay over. A centuries-old villa in the middle of the vineyards offers three apartments for rent. It looks like something from a painting or a movie and the rates are remarkably cheap.




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