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Damilano is one of the oldest traditional cellars in the region of Barolo. The beginnings of the family company Damilano go back over a century in the past, when Giuseppe Borgogno, the great grandfather of today's owners, started in wine production. This tradition was preserved so that Giacomo Damilano and his sons can manage these lands with love even today.

Their wines are particularly known for their elegant style. The vineyards extend over 53 hectares of prestigious selected positions in the Langhe region: Cannubi, Liste, Fossati and Brunate, which are nearly completely planted with the Nebbiolo grapevine for Barolo. Today, Damilano's trademark is represented by Giacomo's sons Guido, Paolo and Mario. Guido is dedicated to management of the cellar, while Paolo and Mario take care of the commercial side.

Since September 2013, Damilano has hosted one of the most acknowledged Piemont restaurants in its complex: Massimo Camia Ristorante. Massimo Camia has boasted one Michelin star since 2001. He is considered to be a chef who nurtures tradition. On his menu there is always room for dishes which are connected with the local tradition and presented in his personal, very innovative manner.




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