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dar sonca

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Close your eyes for a moment and think of your favourite wine region. Did you think of Brda or the Vipava Valley? Slovenian Istria? Or perhaps Styria?

What do our wonderful wine-growing regions have in common, apart from their close connection to the grapevine which is shared by lovers of excellent flavours?
The sun. Early in the morning it wakes up the vineyards refreshed with early morning dew, fills them with its rays throughout the day and then gently caresses them in the evening from the West, as if it wants to tell them it is time to rest. "The Sun – with all the planets that surround it and depend on it – can still ripen the grapes as if it had nothing else to do in the universe," summed up Galileo Galilei, the great physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, in one sentence to describe its uniqueness and perfection.
Just as the Earth revolves around the Sun, our story unfolds under the name Dar sonca (A Gift from the Sun). There are far too many beautiful places, carefully tended grapevines and tempting flavours of Slovenian wine-growing regions to decide on just one. Therefore, we look to them for inspiration and choose what has been produced by the hard-working hands of our companions, growers of both traditional and more modern varieties of wine that are produced with just the same amount of love.


quality and reasonable price

Because we are so attentive and thoughtful in our search and only choose what convinces us completely, you can be sure that a bottled wine of excellent quality awaits you. And because we want to share our passion, excitement and love for our wine with you as much as possible, we are offering it at a reasonable price.

dar sonca & dar sonca select

Dar sonca (A Gift from the Sun) takes you on a journey across the Slovenian wine map and has been tailor-made for you. Do you enjoy a more playful yellow or ruby red colour in your glass? Gentle or intense aromas, mild or rich flavours? Malvasia, Cabernet Sauvignon, yellow Rebula, Pinot gris, rosé, Refosco or the sweet selection?
The wines of Dar sonca (A Gift from the Sun) are diverse, just as the most beautiful corners of our favourite places are. The sun’s rays which lead us in the process of selection are the same, regardless of your flavour of choice the next time you indulge in an unforgettable moment with your chosen wine.


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