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Whisky Mars Kasei 0,7l

Mars Kasei blended whisky is a soft, rounded whisky from Shinshu distillery in Japan. The nose is full of gentle white flower aromas and notes of sweet, ripe fruits, while the palate offers notes of warm spices, green apples, white grapes and honey.


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Alcohol level
40 %
0,7 L

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Kasei is one of the most representative Japanese whiskeys of the Mars Shinshu distillery, made from the assembly of several barrels of wheat and malt whiskey. "Kasei" is the Japanese translation of Mars, the planet, a name that recalls the particular altitude at which this distillery works, that is 800 meters above sea level. Once distilled, this whiskey ages slowly in wooden containers, subject to the harsh climate of the Japanese Alps.

Golden yellow in color with great intensity, it offers aromas of well-blended white flowers with aromas of ripe white pulp fruit. In the mouth it immediately proves soft and round, with character, with hints of vanilla and smoked which suggest the palate.

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Whisky Mars Kasei 0,7l

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