grappa Bitch


you know that kind of woman, impossible to satisfy, nothing is ever good enough? not the car, not the trip the friends the tie, the oyster the pearls the caviar and champagne, not the - god forbid! the grapa! is there such a thing as fucking great grapa, anymore? that kind of woman. a true, hard core, honest to god bitch. and you don't want to be the first one to use the word "no" in front of her? oh, but you do, you want to! you want her! because you need her. that's just how it is.


you need a fool, willing to, just to begin with, make 160t of grapes out of nothing, just the sun and the earth and some water, and then (mind you, 160t is 16 full fucking trucks) then squeeze the shit out of them to make 16t of skins. you need some serious motivation for something like that.

/New moon/

a fool is a fool, that's true, and so is this fool, but still not fool enough to ACTUALLY blurt out the one, final, magic thing that makes his grapa into what it is. he's no fool there. and neither is his grapa. especially his grapa.


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