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Italesse designed a professional tasting stem glasses collection taking particular care in calibrating the three main rim’s variables: shape, dimensions and diameter. Each stem glass works in a unique way to enhance the personality of the wine grape variety offering a perfect organoleptic bouquet to senses.
What is it that makes a wine unique? Without a doubt, the grape variety or blend of grape varieties, its terroir, the changing seasons, the work and the stories of men and women  that wine bears with it through the aromas which, passing from the stem glass to the nose and the palate, conjure up memories and emotions. If aromas, and their emotional impact, are the starting point for the new Italesse project the final aim is to combine emotions and technical excellence in the tasting experience. So in thinking, designing and building its products the Italesse Senses team deconstructs the individual wines into aromas and tests the stem glasses with both the wine and directly with currant, raspberries, black pepper… This approach allows bringing essential changes - sometimes incredibly tiny - to the stem glasses structure which greatly improve sensorial perceptions and especially olfactory ones.
Every wine is unique, and a Pinot Noir from one region can sometimes differ greatly from one from another region. The aromas are at the heart of what makes the difference. The work done by the Italesse Senses team created stem glasses at the same time professional and emotional, but also put an end to the idea of the varietal stem glass. It is no coincidence that tests, substantiated by a commission composed by producers, oenologists and sommeliers, show that Masterclass 90, with shapes similar to those normally used for great red wines, proves to be an excellent match for white wines such as Chardonnay, bringing the best out in them.



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