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Whisky Mars Single Malt KOMAGATAKE Japanese Whisky Limited Edition

Japanese whiskey that fascinates us with its fruitiness and slightly spicy taste.


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Alcohol level
48 %
Whisky Mars Komagatake
0,7 L

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Mars Shinshu (to give it it’s full name) is a three hour drive northwest towards the Southern Alps. The distillery sits at 800 metres (2625 ft) which makes it the highest distillery in Japan. Better known as Mars distillery, it opened in 1985 using stills made for a mothballed distillery called Yamananashi. The distillery then closed in 1992 and the reopened again in 2011. It is now newly renovated and looking very modern and clean.

Barrels are stored onsite and in other regions of Japan to help experience less fluctuation in temperature.

This release from the Mars Distillery is still quite young at 3 to 6 years old but the barrels have been hand picked from the highest barrels in the warehouse, generally meaning a warmer maturation. This has resulted in faster maturation and the flavours from the casks have imparted plenty of flavour in this short time.

Matured in ex-Bourbon oak and then new American oak and Sherry Oak. The whisky is lightly peated to 3.5PPM imparting a slight earthiness to the whisky.

Nose: A very clean malt that expresses fresh green apples and pears, citrus and vanilla with some toasted hazelnuts. Really pleasing seeing as it’s so young.

Palate: Oak reveals itself first and marries with spice. Lemon meringue pie, melon balls and vanilla dominate the palate.

Finish: Oak and citrus, orchard fruits and spice.

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Whisky Mars Single Malt KOMAGATAKE Japanese Whisky Limited Edition

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