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zzysh Champagne Preserver

Champagne Preserver and Champagne Stopper by zzysh - Argon Gas/CO2 Champagne Saver – The Most Effective Way to Keep Sparkling Wine Fresh After it is Opened

Brand: ZZYSH
79,90 EUR
PRESERVE YOUR SPARKLING WINE – Highly effective sparkling wine saver that keeps natural flavor and fizz for weeks.
ARGON/CO2 CHAMPAGNE PRESERVER – Using 100% food-grade argon/CO2 gas cartridges, zzysh Champagne pressurizes an opened bottle and protects it perfectly from oxidation. Each cartridge can preserve up to four bottles.
SWISS INNOVATION – A smart, compact and portable Swiss design that allows you to enjoy sparkling wine by the glass while keeping the rest fresh.
EASY APPLICATION – Simply seal any sparkling wine bottle with the stopper, attach the hand piece and press down for 3-5 seconds.
A PERFECT GIFT FOR CHAMPAGNE LOVERS – Impress with a stylish and easy-to-use sparkling wine accessory.
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