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Berkel električni rezalnik Red Line 250 BLACK

RED LINE encompasses all the technology of professional Berkel meat slicers. This professional electric slicer for home use is elegant and lightweight and is made of a special aluminium alloy.


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Berkel električni rezalnik Red Line 250 BLACK
Red Line

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RED LINE includes the entire technology of professional Berkel meat cutters. This professional electric cutter for home use is stylish and lightweight, and is made of a special aluminum alloy.

The steel blade provides excellent cutting to make thin and even slices and reduce waste. Built-in sharpener increases blade efficiency and durability. The blade guard, blade cover and meat table can be easily removed to ensure quick and accurate cleaning.

An electric cutter with all Berkel quality and professionalism and now with an innovative design. Reduced dimensions, ease of use and state-of-the-art solutions ensure excellent cutting every day.

The table can be removed for cleaning by simply moving the handle. When you remove the meat table, the slicer automatically goes into safety mode and activates the CE lock. Returning the meat table back to the lever unlocks and the machine returns to operating mode.

The blade cover can be removed quickly and easily. All you have to do is rotate it 90° and pull it out. This will simplify the everyday task for optimal cleaning. Press gently on the blade to snap it back into place and ready for use.

All Red Line Cutters have a built-in blade sharpener. The focuser can be easily positioned by hand, lifted and rotated. The focuser has only one position that requires no adjustments, ensuring the perfect angle for optimal sharpness.

Red Line Slicers are equipped with a built-in system that allows the table meat gauge to open up to 14 mm. The numbers on the adjustment knob refer to the actual slice thickness in millimeters. This allows for the highest precision of slice thickness adjustment (especially the thinnest and most common) with the highest repeatability.

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Berkel električni rezalnik Red Line 250 BLACK

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Berkel električni rezalnik Red Line 250 BLACK