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Just as we need to take care of the vine so that it grows, bears abundant fruit and gives us plenty of noble wine, so we need to take care of the wine that is already bottled. If we neglected it, its properties could change and the saying that wine improves with age would be dead on the vine. Therefore, store wine in wine cabinets intended for that purpose.

Choose suitable wine cabinets for storing wine

A wine cooler in the kitchen is a must-have for any wine lover who doesn’t have a cellar or wants to have a few bottles at hand at all times. A wine cabinet also enables long-term storage and keeping of wine. Thus, the wine will in favourable conditions await the moment when it can warm the hearts of the gathered company.
Choose your equipment wisely, as the wine will appreciate the right temperature. White wines need colder air than red ones, and the lowest temperatures are best for spirits. Nevertheless, you don’t need three coolers, just one. The WTes 1672 multi-temperature wine cabinet allows for two separate temperature zones, ranging from 5 °C to 20 °C. These temperature zones can be constantly monitored on the digital display of the wine cabinet.
If the temperature fluctuates, an audible signal will alert you. This cabinet is suitable for anyone who often organises relaxed gatherings, as it can hold as many as 34 bottles. You can also buy a built-in cabinet that will fit your furniture nicely. For bars and restaurants, the large WTes 5972 wine cabinet will be a better choice, as it can hold more than 200 bottles.

Always ready for a tasting

Wine cabinets are a beautiful decoration of your kitchen, showing your guests which wines are your favourite. Moreover, you always have wine on hand if you use it in cooking or if you get an unexpected visit. For those who make their own wine or want to create a rustic look in their kitchen, actual wine barrels are a perfect decor.
You should also keep other wine accessories on hand: wine openers and stoppers and a cooling container. It is best to chill the glasses as well before swirling the wine in them. Keep the wine chilled until the moment you serve it.
Another tip: before serving and drinking the wine, it is a good idea to aerate it and remove the sediment. For this process, use a decanter into which you pour the wine you want to serve. Oxygen will allow the wine to release its aromas. Thus, your nose will be greeted even at first sniff with the wine’s rich bouquet, and the experience of drinking will be even sweeter. 

Common questions 

 At what temperature do we serve white and red wines?

The temperature depends on the variety. Most varieties of red wine are served at a temperature of 16 °C (mature wine, merlot, cabernet sauvignon), while young wines prefer lower temperatures, about 12 °C. This is also the ideal temperature for storing wine.
White wine prefers colder temperatures: Burgundy wines and rosés should be served at a temperature between 12 and 14 °C, while most dry and semi-dry white wines are best served at a temperature of 10 °C. Sparkling wines taste best when even colder (6 °C), along with fresh and sweet wines, which also prefer low temperatures between 6 and 8 °C.

How long can we keep an open bottle of wine?

Always keep an open bottle of wine in the refrigerator to ensure that the wine retains its delicious flavour for a longer period of time. Of course, every wine is different and has its own properties, and this holds true even in the fridge. White wine can be kept for up to seven days, while red wine is more delicate and should be drunk within five days of opening. 
The freshness of an already opened bottle of wine can be prolonged by special stoppers that prevent the intrusion of oxygen into the wine. The most common cause of spoiled wine is oxidation, which causes a change in the colour and smell of wine. So smell the wine that has been standing in the refrigerator for a long time before drinking it, to make sure that it has not oxidised.
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