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The most beautiful gifts are those with a personal touch. Be it a bottle of wine that perfectly suits the taste of your loved ones, or an elegant wooden box that blends in with the decor of the gift recipient’s home. This is why the Kož online store offers various ready-made gift packages as well as prestigious gift packaging that can be filled completely to the taste of the gift recipient. With an additional inscription or motif on the packaging, you can further emphasise your personal message accompanying the gift.

Along with the wine, you can also gift chocolate, jam or a book

We often find ourselves faced with the question of what to gift. First, think about who the gift is for and how well you know the person. Because we know that gift buying can turn into an uncomfortable dilemma, we have prepared gift packages for various occasions.
● The gift package For Her containing herbal tea, a glass cup and blossom honey can be gifted to your better half for Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day or her birthday.
● For male gift recipients, we have prepared the gift package For Him containing herbal tea for men and a cup.
● For a romantic evening for two or for deep friendly conversations, choose the Culinary Package, which contains everything for a pleasant evening (wine, walnut roll-flavoured chocolate, nuts, cheese and more).
● Sweet-toothed lady friends will be delighted by the bottle of rosé, chocolate and jam collected in the Ladies Package.
● Present cooking lovers with the Chef Package containing a bottle of malvasia, a salt shaker and Piran salt.
● Gourmets will be most pleased with the Gourmet Package containing Steyer red wine, salami, pumpkinseed oil and pumpkinseeds.
● Gin and tonic lovers can be gifted the Gin and Tonic Set.
● And all lovers of good wine and gourmet food will be delighted by a gift voucher for wine tasting in the wine shops Moste and Dvor in Ljubljana.
In our gift programme, you will find something for everyone, so you never have to show up for a visit empty-handed again. Thank the host for the invitation and pleasant company, or surprise your own guests with a gift that they will remember for a long time. Gift packages are also suitable for milestone anniversaries or important events, such as graduation, the conclusion of a new business deal or a well-deserved retirement.

Express gratitude for successful work and cooperation

Think of your business partners as well. Give them a beautiful and at the same time delicious gift that will put a sincere smile on their face. A jar of sweet jam made from natural ingredients, a bottle of yellow muscat and a bottle of oil will mark your good cooperation. Business gifts have a special place in our online store, because we know how important cooperation is. At the end of the year, you can also give gifts to your colleagues and thus commend them for their excellent work throughout the year.

Design your own package and gift it in elegant packaging

Assemble the desired set of gifts and choose an elegant packaging. You don’t have to worry about wrapping the gift, as we offer several nice packaging options in the Kož online store. Gift recipients will be especially impressed if you opt for wooden packaging. We can engrave photos, inscriptions and your company’s logo on wooden or cardboard packaging and on glasses. A personalised gift will show the recipient that you have really made an effort for them.

Common questions

What kind of gift is appropriate for business partners? 

For business partners, you cannot go wrong with chocolate, accompanied by a bottle of wine or brandy. For foreign business partners, we recommend the Diverse Slovenia Package containing Slovenian delicacies, including Karst prosciutto, or the Holiday Package at the end of the year. A book about different varieties of wine will also be a welcome gift, and a book about Slovenia, also available in English, will be especially suitable for foreigners.

Is it possible to redeem a gift voucher for the purchase of gift packages? 

Yes. We offer gift vouchers with a value of € 10, € 20 and/or € 50. At the purchase, you will also receive a code with which you can redeem the voucher in the online store. These gift vouchers can be redeemed for any product in the store.
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