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GHEMME Grand Crue Sommelier corkscrew in stainless steel with professional screw and double hinge


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QUALITY High quality and long-lasting corkscrew. Once you try it, you can’t do without it.

DESIGN Oversized design. Developed together with the most famous Sommeliers. We have chosen great quality steel to create a highly reliable and sturdy tool, defined by unique elegance. Maximum ergonomics and elegance for true wine lovers.

DOUBLE LEVER The double-hinged fulcrum of the corkscrew allows a very clean extraction of the cork, even the longer ones. This system offers a substantial mechanical advantage over old-style single-hinged corkscrews.

PERFECTLY SHAPED FOIL COTTER: The serrated foil cutter blade shapes perfectly to cut the bottle’s foil with ease

CONSTRUCTION. Production and assembly are carried out on the basis of 190 steps. Every single component is carefully analyzed before being assembled; making the corkscrew unique in comparison to other pocket-sized competitors

UNIQUE DETAILS It features unique and original details, such as the engraving and the steel insert on the back of the handle. Details that make the product even more exclusive and unique.

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Odpirač za vino Ghemme svetel

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