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Tequila Patron Silver

The perfect white spirit made from the finest Weber Blue Agave.


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Alcohol level
40 %
0,75 L

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The Patron Spirits Company believes in producing « ultra premium » spirits that are amongst the best in the world, and which really stand out amongst their peers. Patron Tequila is made in Mexico in the Jalisco region, using traditional methods, and uses only blue agave.
Patron Silver is called a young tequila because it has not undergone any aging process. It is distinguished by its light colour, clear as crystal, and by its refined softness, which differentiates it from other silver and white tequilas.

Serve Straight, over ice with lime, or in a cocktail.

Smooth and sweet with a light pepper finish

Fruit & citrusy aroma

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Tequila Patron Silver

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