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Rum A.H. Riise Signature


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Rum A.H. Riise Signature
Alcohol level
43,9 %
Rum A.h. Riise
0,7 L

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Nothing is more committing than signing your signature on a piece of paper. That is why we call this Premium blend Signature. A.H. Riise Signature is simply one off a kind. It’s an exceptional blend, with all the characteristic you know from A.H. Riise and more. The sweetness, the mellowness, the soft taste and aromas. An outstanding luxury blend, made from only the best casks, worthy of celebrating the great moments in life. Moments you will cherish and remember. When creating a A.H. Riise bottle, we use rum from a wide variety of casks, all with different ages and origins. However, not all casks are emptied to the last drop. Often there is a little left in the cask. A small amount of amazing rum. It is these high-class casks we use to create the perfect Signature blend. Every edition of A.H. Riise Signature is made in very small batches, less than 2000 bottles. Every cask is numbered, and every bottle likewise. A.H. Riise Signature is simply a piece of unique art – a true masterpiece.

Colour: Red-gold

Nose: A most fascinating nose – ripe tropical fruits, coconuts and toffee accompanied by cool minty notes.

Taste: Highly complex and incredibly smooth. Glazed citrus and apricots entangled in toasted coconut with a touch of eucalyptus.

Finish: A true symphony of ripe tropical fruits and toffee. Subtle minty notes add perfect harmony to this long and everlasting finish.

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Rum A.H. Riise Signature

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Rum A.H. Riise Signature