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Rum ZACAPA Solera XO

Balance of sweetness, fruit, spice and spirit. Long, smooth and sweet with dark cherry, chocolate, date, prune with sweet oak spices of clove, vanilla and cinnamon.


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Rum ZACAPA Solera XO
Alcohol level
40 %
Rum Zacapa
0,7 L

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Zacapa XO is a unique balance of complex aromas and flavors resulting from the exclusive blend of reserve rums. Hand selected rums are aged between 6 and 25 years in the “Sistema Solera.”
Older and younger rums are then blended as they age in a sequence of barrels that previously stored robust American whiskeys, delicate Sherries, fine Pedro Ximénez wines and finished in French oak casks which previously aged Cognac.

Zacapa XO is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks and pairs beautifully with dark chocolate and desserts.

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Rum ZACAPA Solera XO

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Rum ZACAPA Solera XO