Ime produkta ste dodali na vaš seznam želja!

Tasting packages

Tasting packages 

Wine peps up any social event, as it is a great conversation starter leading to excited debates about famous producers and the best vintages. But which variety to choose, since the Kož online store offers such a wide and diverse range of quality wines and spirits? The decision is made easier by our tasting packages, containing several different varieties of wine that will cater to different needs and tastes.

Select wines and spirits for every taste

If you want to offer your guests a variety of flavours of wine and spirits, check out our well-stocked tasting packages. We have already made the choice easier for you by giving our packages very telling names.
● The Picnic Package with Dar sonca wines, which include malvasia, ribolla gialla, sauvignon, refosco, cabernet sauvignon and a delicate rosé, is perfect for a Saturday afternoon get-together with a motley bunch of family and friends.
● The Gentlemen’s Weekend Package with red and white wine from the Gorizia Hills and whisky will be appreciated especially by guys.
● For a girls’ night out, the most suitable tasting package will be the Ladies’ Weekend with Erzetič ladies’ rosé, Ramazzotti Aperitivo Rosato and Soligo prosecco.
● With the Gin & Tonic Package for a Friday night, you can combine Hendrick’s gin with as many as four exquisite British tonics from the family-run company Franklin & Sons.
● The Cocktail Party Package contains everything you need to make a delicious spritz, by topping up Lillet Blanc white wine with either Soligo prosecco or Franklin & Sons tonic.
● The Day Trip to the Unknown Package is perfect for trips to nature, where you can refresh yourself in the fresh air with delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Meet outside – sunny days invite you outdoors, where you will savour the refreshments from the package.

When you need to unwind…

Relax after a meeting, have a quick toast to a co-worker’s birthday or spice up your team-building event with a tasting of spirits. Delicate rosés will impress the female part of your team, delight your mother or mother-in-law, and they will certainly be a welcome accompaniment to your Valentine’s dinner. But if you want something even more romantic, reach for the Italian wines in the Italian Romance package. 

Let the excellence of Slovenian wines be known elsewhere in the world 

Slovenia is a beautiful country with a rich winemaking tradition and a wide range of excellent wines, so it is only right to present its beauties and delicacies also to foreigners. Invite your business partners to a tasting of special and indigenous Slovenian wines, such as the sparkling terrano, Lanthieri pinella, vitovska grganja, ribolla nera, blue frankish from barrique barrels and the sweet picolit. Present them with a gift package with which they will spread the word of the excellent Slovenian wines beyond our borders. 
Tasting packages are a great option if you want to get to know different wines and spirits. Browse our Kož online store to find out more. Stock your wine cabinet so that you always have several varieties of wine on hand. Your friends and colleagues will appreciate the opportunity to try out prestigious brands, and maybe some winemaker will even impress them so much that you won’t have to pick through ideas for their next birthday present. They will tell you themselves! 
So what are you waiting for? Invite over your relatives, friends and colleagues – with our tasting packages you will be able to satisfy every taste.

Common questions 

How to taste wine properly? 

To get to know the wine well, focus on the senses. First, look at the colour of the wine and its clarity. Experts also often tilt the glass and examine the surface of the wine, as they can perceive other colour nuances of the wine there. 
Smell also plays an important role in wine tasting. Smell the poured wine twice. First immediately after pouring it, then swirl the wine in the glass to further release its enticing aromas. Then smell it again, paying attention to any difference you may have noticed. Try to focus on the different aromas you can detect, e.g. scent of delicate flowers, berries, vanilla, etc. 
Then comes the most important step. The tasting of wine. Take a small sip and focus on the range of flavours that are slowly evolving in your mouth. One of the key things to note while tasting is whether any of the flavours particularly stand out, as well as how intense the flavour is and how long it stays in the mouth after swallowing. 

Why choose a tasting package? 

Tasting packages are a great solution if you do not yet know your taste or you want to learn about different wines. This way you will be best able to distinguish the aromas of different wines that make them so unique. In addition, tasting packages can brighten up business parties, as they provide a large selection of wines for all different tastes. 
Through story, get to know the Dar sonca brand and find out what natural wines are like. We will tell you this much: such are all our wines!