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Rum DICTADOR 20YO 0,7l

One of the most awarded rums. A blend of soft caramel, vanilla, smoked honey, roasted coffee and oak.


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Rum DICTADOR 20YO 0,7l
Alcohol level
40 %
0,7 L

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Dictador 20 YO is made from the fermentation of virgin sugar cane honey, distilled partly in copper alembic and partly in steel continuous column, to achieve a medium body rum.

Intense dark amber colour with red-brown tones. Big on the nose with soft caramel, vanilla, smoky honey, toffee, dry seeds, roasted coffee and a rich rounded oak sensation. In the mouth, it is very soft and round, yet big and full flavoured, with caramel, vanilla, cocoa and roasted honey – a strong and rare texture. Great finish.

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Rum DICTADOR 20YO 0,7l

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Rum DICTADOR 20YO 0,7l