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Cognac Hennessy PARADIS

Created by Maurice Fillioux in 1979, the cognac Hennessy Paradis is known for its voluptuous and harmonious aroma.It consists of eaux-de-vie, which are a reflection of the personality of such a delightful cognac: supple, light and round.


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Cognac Hennessy PARADIS
Alcohol level
40 %
0,7 L

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They are blended into an excellent cognac defined by its graceful, silky character, highlighting its finely nuanced and harmoniously balanced aromatic qualities.
Its superb display of coppery gold colours is an indication of the many years it has spent ageing in old casks.

NOSE: On the nose Hennessy Paradis exudes floral notes of dried rose and honeysuckle, underpinned by intense notes of red fruits and spices.

COLOR: The eaux-de-vie have been aged only in very old barrels, this giving Hennessy Paradis its amber gold color and hues.

PALATE: A graceful, silky texture runs all the way trough to a flavourful and deep, persistent finish. Honey, dried flowers, truffles and soft spices come to the fore in a melting pot of flavours. Delicate notes of cinnamon, cardamom and fruits, give way to perfumes of dried rose petals and sweet briar jam.

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Cognac Hennessy PARADIS

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Cognac Hennessy PARADIS