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Rum La Hechicera Reserva Familiar

La Hechicera is a masterful blend of ripe rum aged in bourbon barrels made of American white oak that beautifully captures Colombia’s character, liveliness and variety.


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Rum La Hechicera Reserva Familiar
Alcohol level
40 %
La Hechicera
0,7 L

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La Hechicera is a natural rum, as it has no additives or sugar, its noble flavors are only due to aging in excellent bourbon barrels. This is a traditional way of creating rum that does not require subsequent finishing touches. La Hechicera Reserva Familiar ages in the hot and humid microclimate of Barranquille, giving the rum its unique character. The flavors of rum are just as we expect: deep woody notes, a nose with a hint of caramel and orange peel, followed by a bold burst of flavors with distinctive notes of tobacco and roasted coffee. Finish is fresh and smooth.

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Rum La Hechicera Reserva Familiar

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Rum La Hechicera Reserva Familiar