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Pulltex Elektronski odpirač Monza

The new Monza electric corkscrew offers a different, easier option to open your wines.


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The powerful battery allows uncorking up to 30 bottles with only one charge and the compact size is perfect for easy storage in a kitchen drawer. The new Monza electric corkscrew is one of the lightest models in the market and the carbon effect design fits in any kitchen.

This Monza version also includes a foil cutter designed in a way to be used as a stand for the corkscrew, providing perfect stability. This handy product is easy to use, extracting the cork in 6-7 seconds. By simply pushing the lower button, the spiral will enter the cork and pull it out. To conclude, press the up button to force the cork out.

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Pulltex Elektronski odpirač Monza

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