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Vinjak Boisa X.O.

Georgian Wine Brandy BOISA X.O. is a premium brandy blended from selectedspirits aged in oak barrels for at least 14 years, distilled from wine made in theAlazani Valley, Georgia, famous for its rare and fragrant brandies. The brandy ischaracterized by a dark amber colour with a luminous glow. Alongside notes ofoak, the rich and complex bouquetshows hints of dried fruits, leaving a softlingering finish.


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Vinjak Boisa X.O.
Alcohol level
40 %
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The tradition of making Georgian brandy reaches back into the mid-19th century, scoring international awards and recognition. Up until 1990, these spirits were known as Georgian Cognac, while they are now established as Georgian brandy.

Boisa brandies are made according to the classic method, from a distillate of white wine grown in the Alazani Valley in the region Kakheti, traditionally the home of exceptional brandy.

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Vinjak Boisa X.O.

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Vinjak Boisa X.O.