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zzysh Champagne Closure black

ONLY Works in Combination with The Champagne Preserver.


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zzysh Champagne Closure black

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zzysh Champagne Stopper ONLY works in combination with the zzysh Champagne Preserver and allows you to enjoy sparkling wine by the glass.

The silicone gasket prevents leakage with zzysh’s air-tight seal. The clamps ensure the stopper’s secure hold against overpressure.

Thanks to its smart and compact Swiss design, your wine bottles will fit in any refrigerator door.

Keeps open sparkling wine fresh for weeks. Preserves aroma, flavor, color and fizz.
An ideal gift for Champagne lovers when purchased in combination with the zzysh Champagne Preserver.

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zzysh Champagne Closure black

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zzysh Champagne Closure black