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Pulltex White Wine Essences Set

A set of 12 fragrances, essences for smelling and learning the aromas found in white wines.


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Learn to recognize aromas and improve your memory.

A set of wine aromas for educating and training the scent by distinguishing different notes in the wine. The set contains 12 test tubes with aromas for white wine. The set includes a booklet in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish with an explanation and description of the aromas.

Choose one of the vials from the box, open it and approach it to your nose. Try to identify the aroma that you will perceive. Note the number of the vial and find its corresponding description on this booklet to check if you guessed correctly. In the booklet you will find information and description of each aroma, as well as the reasons that may cause their emergence in the oil…

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Pulltex White Wine Essences Set

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