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Penina Medot Extra Brut Magnum

Medot Extra-Brut Cuvée is an exceptional balance between rebula and chardonnay. Despite five years of maturation on fine lees, this sparkling wine is very fresh and minerals.


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Penina Medot Extra Brut Magnum
Alcohol level
12,5 %
white wine
Goriška brda
sparkling wine
Sugar level
extra brut
sparkling wines
1,5 L

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Medot Extra-Brut Cuvée is a great example of the realised potential of rebula in sparkling wines, which after minimal of five years of sitting on yeast, with all the characteristics of the best champagnes, with its freshness, invites our next sip.

Harmonious, balanced and full taste. The elegant acidity blends nicely with the taste of ripe fruit, honey, almonds and citrus fruits in fine bubbles. Everything is nicely rounded off with a long aftertaste of biscuit and bread crust. The departure is long, mineral and lasting.

On the nose initially ripe, elegant, with a delicate aroma of honey, brioche and bread crust. Then floral (acacia, blackthorn) and citrus notes (lemon zest, bergamot) predominate, which blend nicely with the mineral notes of marl.

Serving temperature

5 °C


Light gold with green shades


Initially sweet, mature, with a delicate aroma of chestnuts, coconut and bread crust.


harmonious, balanced and complete.

Sortni sestav

70% chardonnay, 30% ribolla

Food pairing

fish dishes, carpaccio, as well as with all plates accompanied by white meat

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Penina Medot Extra Brut Magnum

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Penina Medot Extra Brut Magnum